Best Action Camera for Cycling: Unleash the Cyclist in You!

Cycling has evolved beyond a mere mode of transportation or a form of exercise; it has become a lifestyle, an adventure, and a passion. As cycling enthusiasts, we constantly seek ways to enhance our riding experience and capture the breathtaking moments along the way. In the realm of action cameras, choosing the right one for cycling becomes crucial. Join me on a journey as we explore the best action camera for cycling, each equipped with features that will not only document your adventures but elevate them to a whole new level.

Why Use an Action Camera for Cycling?

Cycling isn’t just about reaching your destination; it’s about the exhilarating journey. An action camera becomes your trusty companion, capturing every twist, turn, and triumph along the way. It’s more than a gadget; it’s a storyteller, immortalizing your cycling escapades and creating lasting memories.

Key Features to Look for in an Action Camera

When venturing into the world of action cameras, certain features are non-negotiable. The lens quality, durability, and mounting options are pivotal. We’ll delve into the essential features that make an action camera ideal for cycling, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Top Action Cameras for Cyclists

GoPro Hero 9 Black: The Champion of Stabilization

best action camera for cycling
With superior video stabilization and a plethora of accessories, the GoPro Hero 9 Black sets the bar high for cycling enthusiasts.

DJI Osmo Action: Dual Screens and Steady Shots

best action camera for cycling
Boasting a dual-screen design and RockSteady stabilization, the DJI Osmo Action is a strong contender for cyclists seeking innovation.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30: Beyond the Basics

best action camera for cycling
For data-driven cyclists, the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 offers built-in GPS and performance data, along with hands-free operation through voice control.

Budget-Friendly Options for Cyclists

AKASO EK7000: Affordable Excellence

best action camera for cycling
The AKASO EK7000 proves that affordability doesn’t mean compromising on features, making it an excellent choice for entry-level users.

Campark ACT74: Budget-Friendly, Quality Performer

Compact and budget-friendly, the Campark ACT74 delivers decent performance without breaking the bank.

Considerations for Cyclists with Specific Needs

Night cycling, extreme conditions, and connectivity requirements—tailor your choice based on specific needs for a seamless cycling experience.

Tips for Mounting Action Cameras on Bicycles

Positioning and securing your action camera correctly is paramount. I’ll guide you through the best practices for achieving optimal angles without compromising stability.

Choose the Right Mount

Opt for a mount that suits your cycling terrain. Handlebar mounts work well for off-road trails, while helmet mounts offer a dynamic perspective for road cycling.

Position Matters

Experiment with various mounting positions. Handlebar mounts provide a forward-facing view, while helmet mounts capture your line of sight. Find the combination that suits your style.

Securely Fasten the Mount

Before each ride, ensure the mount screws are tight. Vibrations during cycling can gradually loosen them, so a secure mount is crucial for camera stability.

Consider Stability and Vibration

Minimize vibrations by using rubber dampeners or pads between the camera and the mount. This absorbs shocks, resulting in smoother footage.

Angle Adjustment

Capture optimal footage by adjusting the camera angle. Aim for a position that includes the handlebars and the road ahead, keeping the camera level to avoid skewed horizons.

Test Before You Ride

Conduct a short test ride around your neighborhood to check for any wobbling or unwanted movement. Adjust your setup as needed to achieve a stable configuration.

Use Safety Tethers

Include a safety tether in your setup. If the mount or adhesive fails, the tether can prevent your camera from hitting the ground.

Weather Protection

Use a weatherproof case if cycling in various conditions. Rain, dust, or mud can affect the camera’s performance, and a protective case ensures functionality.

Avoid Over-Tightening

Do not over-tighten the screws, as this can damage the camera housing. Tighten just enough to eliminate play while allowing for easy removal.

Clean the Mounting Surface

Before attaching the mount, thoroughly clean the surface. A clean surface improves adhesive grip and prevents the mount from slipping.

Use Anti-Fog Inserts

Prevent lens fogging by using anti-fog inserts inside the camera housing, especially when cycling in varying temperatures.

Invest in a Gimbal

For smoother footage, especially on rough terrains, consider using a gimbal. A gimbal stabilizes the camera, eliminating shakes and vibrations.

Check Legal Regulations

Be aware of local regulations regarding camera usage while cycling. Ensure compliance with any rules in your area.

Use Multiple Mounts for Variety

Combine different mounts for a versatile video perspective. Pair a handlebar mount with a helmet mount to capture both the cyclist’s point of view and the surroundings.

Regularly Inspect and Maintain

Perform routine checks on your camera mount, especially after intense rides. Ensure all components are in good condition and replace any worn-out parts promptly to maintain a secure setup.

Accessories Every Cyclist Should Consider

Enhance your action camera setup with must-have accessories.

For cycling enthusiasts keen on capturing their adventures, optimizing your action camera setup is key. Here’s a list of indispensable accessories for cyclists looking to make the most of their action cameras:

Chest Mount

Achieve a dynamic perspective by using a chest mount. This accessory allows for hands-free filming, capturing the cyclist’s viewpoint.

Handlebar Mount

Secure your action camera to the handlebars for a stable forward-facing view, ideal for documenting the road ahead during your rides.

Helmet Mount

Capture your line of sight by attaching the camera to your helmet. This versatile accessory ensures your footage reflects exactly what you see while cycling.

Extra Batteries

Ensure you never miss a moment by carrying extra batteries. Extended rides may deplete your camera’s battery, and having spares is crucial.

Portable Charger

Stay charged on-the-go with a portable charger. This accessory is essential for longer cycling adventures where power sources may be limited.

Protective Case

Shield your action camera from the elements with a weatherproof and durable protective case, safeguarding against rain, dust, and unexpected splashes.

Lens Covers

Preserve your camera lens with easily replaceable lens covers. These covers prevent scratches and damage, ensuring clear and distortion-free footage.

Safety Tethers

Enhance security with safety tethers. In the event of mount failure, tethers prevent your camera from falling and potentially getting damaged during a ride.

Memory Cards

Invest in high-capacity and high-speed memory cards to store all your footage. Having a spare memory card is also practical for longer rides.

Gimbal Stabilizer

Smooth out your footage with a gimbal stabilizer, especially useful for off-road or bumpy terrains. Gimbals eliminate shakes and vibrations for professional-looking videos.

Cleaning Kit

Maintain clear footage by keeping your camera lens and housing clean with a compact cleaning kit. Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent dust and smudges.

Wi-Fi Remote Control

Control your action camera remotely with a Wi-Fi remote. This enables you to manage recording, take photos, and adjust settings without directly interacting with the camera.

Adjustable Extension Arm

Experiment with different angles using an adjustable extension arm. This accessory provides additional reach, allowing for diverse perspectives.

Floaty Backdoor

Ensure your camera stays buoyant near water with a floaty backdoor. This is an essential accessory for water sports or rides near rivers and lakes.

Carrying Case

Keep your accessories organized and protected with a dedicated carrying

User-Friendly Features for Cyclists

Simplicity is key. Discover action cameras with one-button controls and voice commands, allowing you to focus on the ride while still capturing every moment.

Real-Life Experiences and Reviews

Embark on a journey through real-life experiences and reviews, gaining insights into how these action cameras perform in the hands of fellow cycling enthusiasts.

Future Trends in Action Cameras for Cycling

As technology advances, what can we expect from future action cameras? Explore potential trends that might shape the next generation of cycling companions.


Choosing the best action camera for cycling is not just about specifications; it’s about finding the perfect balance between features, budget, and personal preferences. Whether you opt for the top-of-the-line models or budget-friendly alternatives, the goal remains the same: to capture and relive the thrill of your cycling adventures.


What makes an action camera suitable for cycling?

Look for durability, weather resistance, and features like stabilization to ensure optimal performance during rides.

Can I use a regular camera for cycling instead of an action camera?

While possible, action cameras are designed for the dynamic conditions of cycling, offering features like stabilization and durability that regular cameras may lack.

Are budget-friendly action cameras worth considering?

Absolutely. Budget-friendly options like the AKASO EK7000 and Campark ACT74 offer excellent performance and features for entry-level users.

How do I ensure my action camera is securely mounted on my bike?

Follow proper mounting techniques, secure attachments, and conduct tests before rides to prevent vibrations and ensure stability.

What should I do if my action camera gets wet during a ride?

Most action cameras are waterproof, but if concerns arise, dry the camera thoroughly and check for any damage. Regular maintenance is key to longevity.

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