Action Camera Microphone Attachment: Enhancing Your Videos with Immersive Audio

I understand the importance of capturing stunning visuals and immersive experiences in your videos. While action cameras excel in delivering high-quality footage, the built-in microphones often struggle to match the same level of audio clarity. That’s where action camera microphone attachments come into play. In this article, I’ll guide you through the world of action camera microphone attachments, helping you understand their importance and providing helpful suggestions to enhance your audio recording capabilities.

Importance of High-Quality Audio in Action Camera Videos

When creating videos, we often focus on the visuals, but audio plays a vital role in enhancing the viewer’s experience. Whether you’re documenting an adventure, recording a vlog, or capturing a thrilling moment, having clear and immersive audio can greatly impact how your audience perceives the content. Good audio quality not only makes your videos more engaging but also helps convey the atmosphere and emotions of the scene effectively.

Understanding Action Camera Microphone Attachments

Action camera microphone attachments are external audio recording devices designed specifically for action cameras. These attachments allow you to capture high-quality audio while recording videos, overcoming the limitations of the built-in microphones. There are different types of action camera microphones available, each with its own features and benefits.

External microphones are the most common type of microphone attachment. They connect to the action camera’s audio input and provide a significant improvement in audio quality. Built-in microphones, on the other hand, are small and compact, often offering better audio quality compared to the built-in microphones but with limitations in terms of directional capabilities and audio range.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Microphone Attachment

When selecting an action camera microphone attachment, several factors should be taken into account:

  • Compatibility with action camera models: Ensure that the microphone attachment is compatible with your specific action camera model to ensure proper functionality.
  • Directional characteristics of microphones: Consider the directional patterns of the microphones, such as cardioid, shotgun, or omnidirectional, based on your recording needs.
  • Mounting options and accessories: Look for microphone attachments that offer versatile mounting options and include accessories like windshields, shock mounts, and extension cables.
  • Wind and noise reduction features: opt for microphone attachments with built-in windshields or wind reduction systems to minimize wind noise and other unwanted background sounds.

Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments in the Market

There are several excellent action camera microphone attachments available in the market. Let’s explore some popular options:

Rode Wireless GO II

The Rode Wireless GO II, a pioneer in its own right, is the world’s tiniest, truly cordless microphone, revamped and ready for action. Comprising a dual-channel receiver and a pair of transmitters, this ultra-miniature, highly adaptable microphone system carries forward the original Wireless GO’s distinctive design and professional audio performance, while also incorporating innovative, awaiting patent technology.


Suitable for an array of content creation tasks, the Wireless GO II packs a punch with its impressive features. These include universal compatibility across cameras, smartphones, and computers, a boosted range of up to 200m in direct sight, enhanced transmission stability, and the capacity for on-board recording, among others. In short, the Wireless GO II is ushering in the future of wireless audio.

Movo VXR10

Introducing Movo VXR10 top-notch Video Microphone, your ultimate solution to enhance sound quality, making substandard audio a thing of the past. Whether you’re using a simple smartphone or a professional-grade DSLR, this universal video shotgun microphone significantly augments your sound experience.


Compact, robust, and easy to carry, the VXR10 can be conveniently mounted onto your camera or smartphone. Simply plug in the microphone and you’re all set—no batteries necessary! It’s designed for on-the-move use, being extremely portable and user-friendly, making it an ideal companion for your adventures.

The VXR10 is a crowd favorite amongst vloggers, filmmakers, and videographers of all backgrounds. Whether you’re shooting a short film or capturing your latest vlog on Venice Beach, the VXR10 ensures crystal-clear, rich audio, every single time.

What makes it stand out? The microphone features a cardioid condenser capsule, superb for isolating peripheral environmental noise and honing in on the audio from the subject at the front of the mic. The mic impressively captures a broad spectrum of sound, delivering deep bass as well as sharp higher frequencies. In all likelihood, you’ll find little to no need for post-production tweaking.

The VXR10 package comes with an improved, robust shockmount, a furry windscreen for outdoor recording sessions, a soft carry case, and both TRS and TRRS output cables compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, iPhones, Android smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Deity V-Mic D3 Pro

The Deity Microphones V-Mic D3 Pro is a superior camera-mount shotgun microphone, created to significantly enhance the audio quality over what’s provided by inbuilt mics in cameras, smartphones, and handheld recorders. It’s the ideal solution for mobile journalists, vloggers, YouTubers, and spontaneous videographers who value directional audio capture, flexible gain and filtering, and compatibility with a wide array of devices.


The V-Mic D3 Pro’s intelligent built-in microprocessor automatically adjusts its TRRS connector to function with most 3.5mm microphone input jacks. It can be easily used with an array of DSLRs, camcorders, mobile gadgets, and portable audio recorders. The package comes with a Rycote adjustable shock mount and a 3.5mm TRRS coiled cable for effortless attachment to your camera, boompole, or tripod.

The microphone comes with a stepless knob at the bottom that allows for up to 20 dB of gain, making it easy to fine-tune levels. Additionally, you can activate the onboard low-cut filter at 75 Hz or 150 Hz to eliminate bass buildup and rumble. The V-Mic D3 Pro primarily runs on an internal rechargeable battery that lasts up to 51 hours. The camera or mixer’s plug-in power is only needed to switch the mic on or off. The mic’s lightweight aluminum body, coated in low-reflection paint, ensures that it doesn’t burden your camera or produce unwanted glare.

Installation and Setup Guide for Action Camera Microphone Attachments

Attaching and setting up an action camera microphone attachment is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Step 1: Ensure your action camera is powered off and disconnected from any other accessories.
  • Step 2: Locate the audio input port on your action camera. It is usually a 3.5mm jack.
  • Step 3: Connect the microphone attachment to the audio input port firmly.
  • Step 4: Power on your action camera and access the audio settings menu.
  • Step 5: Adjust the audio levels and select the appropriate microphone input source.
  • Step 6: Perform a test recording to ensure the audio is being captured correctly.

Tips for Getting the Best Audio Quality with Action Camera Microphone Attachments

To maximize the audio quality when using action camera microphone attachments, consider the following tips:

  • Proper positioning of the microphone: Experiment with microphone placement to achieve the desired audio pickup. Mount it closer to the sound source for more focused audio or farther away for a wider soundscape.
  • Using external audio recorders: Connect your action camera microphone attachment to an external audio recorder for even better audio quality and control over the recording settings.
  • Post-processing techniques for audio enhancement: Utilize audio editing software to remove background noise, adjust levels, and enhance the overall audio quality during post-production.

Maintenance and Care for Action Camera Microphone Attachments

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your action camera microphone attachment, follow these maintenance and care tips:

  • Cleaning and protecting the microphone attachment: Regularly clean the attachment using a soft cloth and store it in a protective case when not in use to prevent dust and damage.
  • Storing and transporting the equipment: Securely pack your microphone attachment and associated accessories in a padded bag or case to protect them from any potential bumps or drops during transportation.


Action camera microphone attachments are essential tools for action camera enthusiasts looking to enhance their video content with high-quality audio. By investing in the right microphone attachment and following the installation and setup guidelines, you can capture immersive audio that complements your stunning visuals. Remember to consider factors such as compatibility, directional characteristics, and wind reduction features when choosing the best microphone attachment for your needs. With improved audio quality, your action camera videos will become more engaging and memorable for your audience.


Can I use any microphone with my action camera?

While some action cameras support a wide range of external microphones, it’s essential to check the compatibility of the microphone with your specific action camera model. Refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or website for a list of compatible microphones.

How do I know if a microphone is compatible with my action camera model?

Typically, the manufacturer will provide information on compatible microphones in the camera’s user manual or on their official website. Additionally, you can reach out to customer support for further assistance in determining compatibility.

Are there any wireless microphone options for action cameras?

Yes, there are wireless microphone options available for action cameras. These wireless systems use transmitters and receivers to capture and transmit audio wirelessly. They provide flexibility in microphone placement but may require additional setup and investment.

Can I use a microphone attachment underwater?

While some action camera microphone attachments are designed to be waterproof, not all are suitable for underwater use. Check the product specifications and recommendations from the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with underwater recording.

How can I reduce wind noise when using a microphone attachment?

To reduce wind noise, consider using a microphone attachment with built-in windshields or wind reduction features. Additionally, external windshields or “dead cat” covers can further minimize wind noise. Proper positioning of the microphone and using foam windshields can also help reduce wind noise to some extent.

Action Camera Microphone Attachments
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