How do you mount an action camera to your body?

Using an action camera body mount, you can capture the thrill and excitement of your activities in a dynamic, immersive way. This piece will walk you through different techniques of harnessing an action camera body mount to get the most out of your adventures. With the practical tips and insights gained from my personal experience, you will find the process of using these mounts straightforward and rewarding.

The importance of mounting an action camera to your body

When it comes to capturing action-packed footage, mounting your action camera to your body is essential. Traditional methods like selfie sticks often obstruct the shot and limit your freedom of movement. By attaching the camera to your body, you can achieve stable shots and capture the world from your perspective. Whether you’re into extreme sports, underwater activities, or simply want to document your adventures, body mounts offer hands-free recording and immersive point-of-view shots.

Popular methods of mounting an action camera to the body

There are several effective ways to mount an action camera on your body, each offering its advantages and considerations. Let’s explore some of the most popular methods:

The Classic Helmet Mount

The classic helmet mount is a tried-and-true option for action camera enthusiasts. By attaching the camera to your helmet, you benefit from stability and a clear view of the action.

The Hat Mount

If you’re a hat enthusiast, the hat mount is a great choice. It involves a clip-on mount that allows for easy camera positioning on your favorite hat.

The Head Strap Mount

For those who prefer not to wear a helmet or a hat, the head strap mount offers an elastic alternative. Although it provides flexibility, it’s worth noting that it can be uncomfortable and potentially cause headaches during extended use.

The Mask Mount

Popular among scuba divers, the mask mount attaches the camera to the top center of a scuba mask, providing a captivating first-person point of view underwater.

The Bite Mount

If you’re a surfer or skydiver, the bite mount might be your go-to option. Designed to be held in the mouth, this mount allows for hands-free shooting and often includes a floaty attachment for water activities.

The Chest Mount

Known as “The Chesty,” the chest mount requires an elastic harness worn around the torso. It offers a lower angle perspective, providing a unique viewpoint for your adventures.

The Shoulder Mount

Similar to the chest mount, the shoulder mount positions the camera on your shoulder. This mount is suitable for activities where the direction of your shoulder is relevant, such as skiing or snowboarding.

The Backpack Mount

 If you prefer a mount that offers flexibility and easy removal, the backpack mount is an excellent choice. It attaches to a backpack strap, allowing you to capture your adventures hands-free.

The Wrist (or Hand) Mount

Mounted on your wrist, the wrist mount enables the camera to follow your hand movements, providing a versatile shooting experience. It’s a great option for activities like biking or capturing dynamic footage while keeping your hands free.

The Finger Grip Mount

Designed specifically for Sony action cameras, the finger grip mount offers a secure grip for pointing the camera precisely. It mimics the experience of holding a firearm and ensures stability in your shots.

The Magnetic Mount

For more relaxed settings, the magnetic mount uses magnetic plates to attach the camera to clothing, bags, or caps. It provides a quick and convenient way to mount your action camera without the need for straps or clips.

Other innovative mounting options

As technology advances, more innovative mounts continue to emerge, ensuring secure camera placement on the body. Stay updated with the latest developments in the action camera industry to discover new and exciting ways to capture your adventures.

Factors to consider when choosing a body mount

When selecting a body mount for your action camera, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

Activity: Consider the type of activity you’ll be engaged in. Different mounts are better suited for specific activities, such as skiing, diving, or biking.

Comfort: Ensure that the mount you choose is comfortable to wear for extended periods. Uncomfortable mounts can distract you from enjoying your adventures.

Stability: Look for mounts that provide stability to minimize camera shake and capture smooth footage.

Compatibility: Check the compatibility of the mount with your action camera. Some mounts are designed specifically for certain camera models.

Adjustability: Opt for mounts that offer adjustability, allowing you to find the perfect angle and position for your camera.

Ease of use: Consider how easy it is to attach and remove the camera from the mount. Convenient and user-friendly mounts enhance the overall filming experience.

Personal suggestions and reasons for the suggestions

Based on my experience as an action camera enthusiast, I have a few personal suggestions for mounting your action camera to your body:

  1. For capturing dynamic footage during intense activities such as skiing or snowboarding, I recommend the chest mount. It offers stability and a unique perspective that adds excitement to your shots.
  2. If you’re a scuba diver or love exploring underwater, the mask mount is ideal. It provides a captivating first-person point of view and allows you to capture breathtaking footage beneath the surface.
  3. For hands-free shooting while engaging in water activities like surfing or skydiving, the bite mount is a reliable choice. It ensures your camera stays secure even in challenging conditions.
  4. If you prefer a versatile and easy-to-use mount for everyday adventures, the wrist mount is a great option. It allows you to capture moments from your perspective while keeping your hands free.
  5. Finally, keep an eye on the latest advancements in action camera mounts. As technology progresses, new and innovative mounts will continue to emerge, offering exciting possibilities for capturing your adventures.

Remember, the choice of mount ultimately depends on your preferences, the activities you engage in, and the type of footage you want to capture. Experiment with different mounts to find the ones that best suit your needs.


Mounting an action camera to your body opens up a world of possibilities for capturing immersive and engaging footage. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a travel enthusiast, the right body mount will enhance your filming experience and allow you to share your adventures from unique perspectives. Consider the various mounting options available, factor in your specific needs and activities, and choose the mount that best suits your style of adventure.


Can I use any action camera with the suggested body mounts?

Most body mounts are designed to be compatible with popular action camera brands. However, it’s always recommended to check the mount’s compatibility before making a purchase.

Are body mounts comfortable to wear?

Comfort levels may vary depending on the mount and individual preferences. It’s important to choose a mount that fits well and feels comfortable during your activities.

Are body mounts waterproof?

Not all body mounts are waterproof. If you plan to use your action camera in water or wet conditions, make sure to select a mount that is specifically designed for such environments.

Can I attach an action camera to my backpack using any mount?

There are specific backpack mounts available that are designed to securely attach your action camera to a backpack strap. Using a dedicated mount ensures stability and reduces camera shake.

Are there any safety precautions to consider when using body mounts?

When using body mounts, ensure that the mount is securely attached and does not interfere with your movements or safety equipment. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage and consider your own safety during extreme activities.

Remember, capturing amazing footage is not just about the mount you choose; it’s also about the excitement and passion you bring to your adventures. So, mount your action camera, explore the world, and share your unforgettable moments with others!

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